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Painting Prices

Here is an examples of our typical painting services & their price ranges. For a more accurate price, please use our free quote service or call us on 1300 389 500

Internal Painting: 2 Bedroom Apartment
Preparation, Minor Repairs, Repainting of ceilings, walls and doors. 2 Bed, 1 bath, Kitchen, laundry
Range from
$2500 – $4000 + GST
Internal Painting: Single Storey 3 Bedroom house
Preparation, Minor Repairs, Repainting of ceilings, walls, doors.3 Bed, 2 Bath, Kitchen, Laundry
Range from
$4500 – $6000 + GST
House washing Standard low set
Exterior, Gutters, Fascia, walls
Range from
$200 – $250 plus GST
Roof Painting: 3 Bedroom Home
Pressure Cleaning and 2 coats of Clear Concrete Sealer
Range from
$2900 – $4500 + GST
Price shown is indicative only and prices may vary depending on scope of work required and undertaken or requested by customer.
Please call us for more information on 1300 389 500 ……. Or fill out online form for a prompt reply!
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Premiere Group – Painters & Contractors
Pricing Guide

Here at Premiere Property Maintenance our aim is to make Pricing as transparent as possible. Our estimates show you a complete breakdown of what your project is going to cost you or Land lord.
Please note that the prices below are only meant to be a guide because each job will require a bespoke quotation. We hope this is useful in that you can have a benchmark as to what you could expect to pay. Our tradespeople always strive to provide you with a quotation as opposed to an estimate so that you know exactly what you will pay for work done, with no nasty surprises. Please see below the difference between an estimate and a quotation. If a trade’s person is unable to give you a quotation due to the nature of the job required they will always inform you of this beforehand.

Labour Pricing, GST included
Hourly Rate only

First Hour : $77.00 (Minimum Charge)
Every after the first billed hour : $66.00
Billed in 30 min intervals from time onsite.

Day Rate – $440
Half Day – $240

Miscellaneous and additional costs


You have the option to supply your own materials or ask the trade’s person to supply them.

Mark up and Commission

Tradespeople will usually hold trade accounts with suppliers. These accounts enable them to buy materials at a lower price than retail price i.e. what you – as a “member of the public” – would buy them at. In some cases this may be significantly cheaper. As with any supplier it is standard practice for the tradespeople to mark up the cost of materials purchased on your behalf. This is usually around a 25% – 35% mark up on purchase price. HOWEVER WE DO NOT MARK UP OUR PRICES AND WE PASSING SAVINGS ON TO YOU.

Travel Time

This is covered in first hourly rate applies to jobs.
For larger jobs tradespeople will include the travel time costs within the total cost of the job.
For smaller jobs there may be a charge for the time taken to get to and from the job. Usually this will be around $30 / hr. As well as covering the time traveling when a trade’s person could be working at another job it also covers the cost of fuel and vehicle running costs.

Key Collection

As with travel time the cost of collecting keys to gain access to a property may be built into a price for a job. However, if a trade’s professional is required to make a special trip to collect keys it is only reasonable that there may be a charge to cover their time.

Pricing Policy

Premiere Maintenance’s goal is to provide reliable trades people who carry out work to a high, professional standard, are reliable, trustworthy and pleasant to deal with. In our experience tradespeople who are cheap does not usually embody these qualities.
That is not to say that Premiere Maintenance tradespeople are the most expensive but we have made sure that quality and reliability were top on our list of attributes and thereafter we considered price. We do understand that the current economic climate dictates that people be much wiser about their spending so we have made sure that our prices are not too high. It’s often been the case when we choose tradespeople simply by the cheapest quotation, we end up with nightmares later on so if you want to avoid nightmares then let us provide you with quality workmanship.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise stated payment terms for Premiere Group Maintenance tradespeople are as followed:
1. New and Private Customers : Payment due on completion of job Via Online Bank Transfer or Cash.
2. Existing Customers : Payment due within 7 days after job completion.

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