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Providing Outstanding Restoration Painting to Brisbane and the Gold Coast

We are the restoration painting team that you can fully trust to breathe new life into your home, house restorations, business, or commercial property. Our team of professionals will ensure that the natural beauty of the wood accents throughout the property will be highlighted and enhanced. Rather than going through the stressful process of moving houses when you want a change, choose us for all of your Brisbane painting restoration needs to freshen up the house and make it look good as new.

Guaranteed Timeframe

We know the value of projects being delivered on-time but not being rushed through. After all, it’s your space that we are entering and we want to be completely respectful of this. Whenever we complete a restoration painting project for house restorations, renovations or other works, we go above and beyond to deliver the work that was promised within the agreed-upon timeframe.

It can be a significant inconvenience when a project goes over the timeframe that was set at the start. Everyday tasks may become difficult to do and having to work around other people’s equipment in your own home is a burden we never want to impose for longer than necessary. We know firsthand how important it is to complete the work on-time to allow you a chance to return to normalcy.

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Leaving Only Quality Restoration Painting Work Behind

When you choose us for your next restoration painting work, you be rest assured that we’ll clean up any sign that we were ever there. Of course, you can expect that you’ll be able to see the quality restoration painting that we have completed but any of the equipment used in the process will be taken care of. We also make sure that your space is completely spotless by the time we leave so that when people enter your house, the only thing that will look different is the stunning paint work that we’ve provided. Whenever we enter a space that isn’t our own, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to showing the utmost respect and care for it.

Fall In Love With Your House All Over Again

Do you have a property that feels old and tired? Bring a fresh, modern look to any space with our house restoration painting services. We have seen a range of areas completely transform with our exception paint work, allowing the properties to have a full design renovation. We have witnessed house owners fall back in love with their houses all over again after completing house renovations that include restoration painting and want to see the same happen for all our clients.

Fully Customisable Restoration Painting

Every person, regardless of age or background, will have a completely unique sense of style and design preferences. We understand completely that it’s crucial that a space reflects the individual or business residing there. That’s why we offer a range of fully customisable speciality services for Brisbane restoration painting projects. See your vision and ideas brought to life when you collaborate with us on your restoration painting project.

Why choose Premiere Painters for all restoration painting work?

Highly Experienced

We have a unique background and come from third generation Dutch painters, dating back to 1882 in the Netherlands. Delivering high-quality painting runs in the family.

Done right the first time

In all projects we undertake, we strive to ensure that all work is done right the first time. We achieve this through our high-quality delivery and commitment to details.

Not happy until you’re happy

In all of our restoration painting projects, we don’t consider the work done until you tell us that it looks fantastic. It’s all part of our dedication to delivering excellent work for our customers.

Outstanding work for a great price

The prices that we set are all incredibly competitive, and yet, the restoration work that we complete is always done to a very high standard. We never sacrifice quality for cost.

Cleaner than you left it

Every time we enter a new space, we aim to leave it completely spotless. We have the utmost respect for any area that we work in and will only leave you with our high quality work, leaving no messes behind.

Guaranteed on-time delivery

All of our restoration painting projects come with a guaranteed timeframe for completion. We promise to never go over this pre-approved timeframe as we know just how important your time and space is.

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