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Exterior Painting Services
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Professional exterior house painters – Brisbane and Gold Coast’s most trusted end-to-end exterior painting service

At Premiere Painters we deliver exceptional exterior painting results, on time and on budget. Our dedicated and experienced team of professional house painters are committed to delivering the best possible service and long-lasting, highly-professional finish, every time.
We service Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with an extremely comprehensive exterior house painting service. We boast highly effective project management and excellent results for every project we complete. Whether it’s exterior house painting in Brisbane, Gold Coast or surrounding areas, when you engage with us at Premier Painters, you can rest assured the task will be done right the first time.

End-to-end professional exterior house painting services

  • General Painting Packages
  • Exterior walls
  • Roofs
  • House exteriors
  • Difficult to access spaces
  • Surface preparation
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Thorough site clean up
  • Proper waste management procedures
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Detailed inspection of completed projects
  • Exceptional project management
  • Complete end-to-end exterior house painting Brisbane & Gold Coast
A modern grey home worked on by Premiere Painters and Contractors

Same day quotes, fast project delivery, uncompromised quality

We are committed to getting every project done on time and on budget, with a high attention to detail, and the best exterior house painting Brisbane and Gold Coast homeowners could wish for. Our highly effective project management techniques and same day quotes combine with our significant experience and professional-quality work to create an on-time yet superior service and stunning results that last a long time.
  • Dependable results that last for years
  • Durable and professional paint finish
  • Paint and paint-related products of superior quality
  • Best exterior house painters in Brisbane and the Gold Coast
Experienced and qualified exterior painters
With QBCC accreditation and years of trade experience, we have helped thousands of customers with professional and long-lasting exterior house painting in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.
Great value – exceptional quality exterior painting at a competitive price 
Our quotes are accurate and genuinely priced. We offer great value and competitive pricing for exceptional quality work. While some less experienced painters may charge less, our trade-experienced and fully-qualified professional painters can be relied upon to ensure an exceptional quality finish, every time. We only use the highest quality products and can be relied upon to get the task done right the first time. We have been exterior house painting Brisbane and Gold Coast homes for years and are known around South East Queensland for our great customer satisfaction and exceptional work.
Our process for exterior house painting
Our exterior house painting service is a 5 step process, with high attention to detail and a high quality of work throughout.
STEP 1: Site & surface preparation
  • Surface preparation
  • Washing surfaces
  • Placing drop cloths
  • Caulking and putty placement when required
  • Scraping and sanding when required

STEP 2: Priming
  • Priming and preparation of surfaces
  • Ensures a flat finish
  • Increases the paints’ longevity

STEP 3: Painting – paint coat and finish coat
  • A paint coat and finish coat for the best colour and gloss level
  • Protection from the elements and UV rays

STEP 4: Thorough clean up
  • Daily clean ups that are as thorough as our paint projects
  • Paint chips are removed
  • Materials are neatly stored
  • When the task is complete, we’ll leave the area as clean as we found it

STEP 5: Inspection and feedback
  • We thoroughly inspect our own work
  • We invite you to inspect our work to ensure you are happy
  • We actively ask for, and act on, feedback on the painting task and our crew’s service

More information on our exterior painting process
Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation is essential for a successful paint work. There are many methods of preparation and it is very important for you to decide what preparation needs to be done to deliver the desired result. Our friendly team will discuss this with you, along with our recommendations on your best options and the pros and cons of each method. Some methods of preparation will help the house last, while other types only improve the look of the finished product.


The first step to doing a good job is to ensure a clean surface. Should any mildew be present, we will hand wash the area with TSP or a cleaning solution. We can also perform power washing. Power washing removes all loose dirt, mildew, and chalking paint to provide a firm base for the paint coat and finish coat to grab onto. Power washing can also brighten up your sidewalks, driveways, and rock walls by removing grease, dirt, and moss. However, due to the power of the machines, only a person with specific training on this equipment will be performing this step in the process.

Drop Cloths

We will supply our own heavy-duty canvas drop cloths. We will place them all around the home, wherever we will be performing any scraping. This will cover up your plants, cement or dirt and allows us to have an easier clean up at the end of the day. This will be beneficial to you as we can pick up all the scrapings, and, when the project is complete, it looks as if we were never there – except for the fantastic new paint, of course!


Caulking is a flexible sealer used in cracks where expansion and contraction is expected, such as around window and door frames. It prevents moisture from getting in the cracks of the wood, which can cause paint failures around windows.
Only paintable latex caulking will be used on your home. Silicone caulking is not paintable and must be replaced prior to a paint, as it is primarily designed for bathrooms.


Putty is filler used on older windows to provide a seal against moisture and cold air between the glass and wood. It provides a straight line against the glass that does not need to be painted.
This process is used on older, wood-framed windows, and often in heritage homes, to preserve the authenticity. Many modern windows do not need this step, and we can provide you with advice on the windows of your home.

Scraping will remove all loose and peeling paint to provide a firm base for the top coat. Why? Because this is essential to ensure the paint work will last. When an area is scraped there is an edge which is left. This edge does not affect how long the paint will last, but it is visible.


Sanding is an optional level of preparation that rounds the edges of a scraped area. This can be done with a belt sander, disk sander, or by hand, as appropriate. Sanding only helps with the look of the finished product and has no effect on the life of the paint work. If sanding is done, it is suggested to only do so in highly visible areas, such as the front door. Edges will be rounded and smoother, but not removed completely. Completely removing the paint is an uncommon, costly and time intensive procedure. Our friendly team can advise you as to whether sanding is recommended for your home, and if so, which areas are recommended.


Priming is done to seal any porous surfaces or stains, and provide a flat finish for the topcoat to adhere. In most cases, this is done on the bare wood spots after scraping, sanding, or paint removal is done. Priming exposed areas, prior to the finish coat, is essential for a paint job to last. Above all, we will make sure to choose high quality primers to best adhere to the surface type and conditions, such as metal primers or stain blockers.

Painting Coat

When painting the exterior, it is important to note that using a cheaper paint won’t fetch you a great return on your painting investment or do a very good job protecting the exterior surfaces from the elements. On all exterior surfaces we recommend the use of Dulux Weathershield, typically in a low-sheen. Furthermore, if you have the presence of masonry render, we would highly recommend the use of a high build elastomastic coating, which delivers a paint-like appearance and enhanced crack bridging performance. Our experienced painters will be happy to talk you through these options and our paint recommendations for your home.

Finish Coat

Clean up is done daily, and is done with the same high-quality service delivery as the completion of our work. Paint chips will be removed and all our materials are neatly stored each day. Upon project completion, if it were not for the fantastic paint work and finish, you would never know we had been there.

Clean Up

Clean up is done daily, and is done with the same high-quality service delivery as the completion of our work. Paint chips will be removed and all our materials are neatly stored each day. Upon project completion, if it were not for the fantastic paint work and finish, you would never know we had been there.

We thoroughly inspect our own work to ensure the project is completed to perfection, every time. After our own inspection, we invite you to inspect our work to make sure you are happy with the end product. We actively seek, and act on feedback and will ask you to complete a feedback card about the exterior house painting and our amazing crew.
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