How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling?

Are you thinking about getting your ceilings painted but wondering what the cost to paint your ceilings is going to be?

The cost of painting a ceiling can vary, The ceiling is the fifth wall of a room. Ceilings don’t suffer as much wear and tear as the other four walls. Walls and trim tend to get beat up and dirty from moving, knicks and dents, dust, and dirty from hand prints. This is not the issue with your ceiling. Painting the ceiling is mostly preference and keeps up the appearance of a room.

The general overall process is the same regardless of the different types of surfaces and heights. For a standard plasterboard home, the repainting of a ceiling is fairly simple and quite inexpensive however as the height changes or the angles of the ceiling like a cathedral ceiling can increase the cost significantly or different type of surface will changes the price accordingly.

The Process and Prep Work Required To
Paint A Ceiling:

  • Protect all floors, furniture and carpets within the area
  • The ceilings should be clean and dry
  • Clean mould and grease if applicable with cleaning agent
  • Remove downlights or cover all light fittings and ceiling fans
  • Scrape and sand loose and flaking paint
  • Prime bare areas and any stains such was water stains, smoke, mould etc with premium primer with stain blocking properties if required
  • Repair holes, dents and cracks to the ceiling and cornice
  • Apply two coats of acrylic ceiling flat to ceilings and cornice 1st coat East to West 2nd Coat North to South
  • Clean up

Things that may increase the cost of painting the ceiling:

Possible Additional Cost
Added To Paint A Ceiling:

  • Extremely dirty surfaces
  • Painting only one bedroom
  • Large holes to repair or large amounts of plastering required
  • Removal of large amounts of loose peeling paint.
  • Colour ( dark colours and extremely bright colours require multiple coats such as black to media room ceilings )
  • Caulking of VJ board joints
  • Different texture pattern ceilings

The Cost Of

Painting A Ceiling:

Average size bedroom ceiling 

Average size bathroom ceiling  

Average living room ceiling  

3 Bed, 2 bath, Kitchen, Laundry, Living Areas – ceilings

$250.00 – $600.00

$220.00 – $650.00

$330.00 – $450.00  

$2,000.00 – $3,500.00     

*The above prices are to paint just one ceiling and supply all materials and equipment to undertake the works.*

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