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The biggest benefits of a fresh repaint of your rental property

Increased rental returns

If you want to sell or rent out your house in a short amount of time and get a better return with minimum hassle, it's critical that the decor is up-to-date and attractive. Colour can be a powerful tool for attracting new tenants/buyers to a home, especially in listing photos or videos. Painting walls in fresh, natural white-looking colours light and bright to make space feel bigger and more inviting and is extremely cost effective.

Increase overall value

It’s said the cheapest and most effective way to modernise a property was a fresh coat of paint and simple changes the carpet can really make all the difference to your property. Any styling and painting are worth their weight in gold — presentation during a sale process can net you 20 per cent more than should it be unpainted and styled.

Increased tenancy

For every day you have a vacancy at your rental property, you are losing potential rental income.

Maximise real estate value by investing in a repaint

No job is too big or too small; from a touch-up between tenancies to an entire repaint prior to sale.

Real estate is a tough game.  Sometimes it’s a seller’s market and that means you might have a horrible, run-down hovel and still be able to charge top dollar for it because it’s in the perfect location and demand is out of control

Sometimes it’s a buyer’s market, and every dollar you invest in improving your home and making it look attractive for a potential buyer can be in vain.  As a former estate salesman told me once, “It all depends on the market, but there is one place you can hardly ever go wrong—invest in spiffing up your home with a good quality paint job and you will be miles ahead of your neighbour that didn’t!”

Fresh paint makes you think that the owners are dedicated to keeping their property in good condition.  That translates into “These people really look after their house, so the rest of it must be good, too!”

We are Renowned for prompt and professional service, we specialise in interior and exterior painting on behalf of rental and investment property managers and owners.

Increase your home value by as much as 10%. The perfect reasons for painting your biggest investment, the family home.


It is a fact that painting a house or unit prior to it going on the market maximises the sale price for the seller and agent. Premiere is one of the few companies that specialises in transforming a property prior to sale.


Premiere Group provides a service that perfectly balances the need to refresh a property’s appearance after a tenant moves on with the necessity of ensuring costs are kept to a minimum.

Our Service Provides
  • Fast quote and job turnarounds
  • Minor Plastering wall damage repairs
  • Professional colour consulting with proven colour schemes
  • Qualified tradesman that don’t take shortcuts
  • Premium paints from the major brands of your choice
  • Touch up and one coat option (for existing colours)
  • Itemised invoicing outlining any damage caused by tenants
  • Responsible rental entry procedures including key pickup and return
  • Security in the knowledge that you are dealing with a long established business

Increase your home value by as much as 10%. The perfect reasons for painting your biggest investment, the family home.

Why choose us?

Premiere is the repainter of choice within the rental and property management industry. We have a proven track record of competitive and predictable pricing.

As one of our agents would say to her landlord "if you want someone cheap there not your painters". "But if you want someone that you can trust to take care of your property" these are your guys. 

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